That’s a Lot of Money Sinks


Back when garrisons actually provided money I barely noticed just how expensive it was to upgrade my buildings to a functional T3 state. Now that there’s no real “easy” way to earn the same amount of money I used to be making, I’m finding things a lot more complicated. A few of the “essentials” I’ve wanted to get for my monk include her T3 town hall (at least, because you can’t get the introduction quests to Tanaan Jungle or Shipyards without it) which is 5,000 gold to start. Then there’s also faster flying, which is another 5,000 gold if you don’t have the faction, and 3,000 gold at its cheapest. That doesn’t include the cost of upgrading any of the smaller buildings or medium buildings in your garrison, or working on your professions (if you decide to purchase materials instead of farming them) or any new and fun things you may want to purchase.

Alts are expensive.

If I count up how many of my characters have a T3 hall, plus flying, and other extra expenses.. it’s pretty easy to see where all my money has gone. Not to mention I spent about 100,000 gold so far on upgrading my heirloom pieces so they work to 100 (and I’m not nearly done that project yet). I’m hoping that Legion has another good way of making some coin, or that things won’t be quite as expensive. As it is, the best thing I can do right now is to hold off on trying to get all characters all the things.. and maybe watch my spending a little bit.

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