I Take Back my Take Back..


Invasions are useless for alts.. Invasions are great for alts! Invasions are not worth the time / effort for alts.. Invasions are once again great for alts!

That’s what this week has been like in World of Warcraft. I know, two days ago I JUST made a post about how I was tired of the grind and felt that I could level up faster other ways – and then Blizzard saw that post and was like “Woah, we just can’t have that.” So they tweaked things, again, and now I finally feel as though they are at a comfortable level.

Lets see, people who want to AFK for loot and don’t need the xp – can. Lowbies who want the xp to get to 100 before Legion – can. It honestly seems like win-win. There’s no reason NOT to have people pushing for level 100 when you’re going to want to sell them on that expansion to begin with.

Last night I started off tentatively playing my level 94 warlock. I did a total of four invasions (not rounds of invasions, just complete events) and I reached 100. That’s with rest experience and full heirloom. The trick? Participation. You get a LOT of experience for the larger named, bosses, and mini bosses. Hit as much as you can, try not to die during the named fights, and you’ll be sailing through the levels. Unfortunately she also didn’t earn enough boxes to gear out very well but that’s alright.

After my warlock was ‘finished’ I decided to keep the leveling going (especially because you never know when these things will be reverted, again) and pulled out my trusty level 91 paladin. Four invasions later, she’s at a comfortable level 96. I burned through the rest experience I had pretty fast, but even “regular” experience makes it worth it.

After the paladin, I have the 91 death knight (horde). After THAT, I have the 34 priest. Will they all reach 100? I’m not sure. Will I try? Probably. I don’t have much more going on this weekend since it’s going to be incredibly hot, and Friday was a complete bust as far as “life” goes, so I plan on taking it easy and indulging in some gaming. Am I tired of invasions? Not quite yet. I’ll get there, I know, but for now because of their natural fast pace, they’re OK. It helps that the rewards are so grand, whether it’s experience or gear.

Are you taking advantage of the experience this weekend? Let me know in comments!

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