Grinding Levels – But at the Cost of Burnout?


What little game time I had this weekend was spent working on my horde priest. I already have an alliance priest that I’ve used as my “main” for years now, over on Argent Dawn. The server leaves a bit to be desired, and I’ve never managed to find a real “home” there – and truth be told, even though almost all of my bnet friends are playing alliance these days, I prefer the Horde side of things. When I created the priest it was before invasions and I had no dreams or goals of trying to reach 100 before Legion. I mean sure, it would have been nice, but it wasn’t something I set out to actively do.

Then this weekend happened along with the positive tweaks to leveling during invasions. My little priest went from level 34 to 70 without too much fuss. What I mean is that yes, I was grinding out invasions as often as they came up but it wasn’t a lot of “work” per say, it was just.. boring. A bit of a tedious grind.

Now that I can fly things are much better. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t be actively pushing to try to reach 100 so I can swap over to this character as my new “main” when Legion hits. I still have 30 levels to go. Can it be done? Of course, but how burnt out will I be from playing if I try to get it all done RIGHT NOW. A part of me wishes I just had the spare cash to boost the character. While another part of me laughs because getting from 70-100 on invasions is not THAT big of a deal. Then yet another part groans because I’ve already done so many of them. I was grinding them when they were barely rewarding anything, after all.

Maybe the newest update on Tuesday (with rumors of invasions occurring every hour instead of every two hours) will provide me with bigger motivation. Or maybe the experience will be nerfed into oblivion again and I’ll regret not having gotten to level 100 sooner. There is of course the “regular” way of leveling, but the idea of doing WoD content (again) quite frankly makes me grimace. Of course I say all of this as I’m flying to yet another invasion (this time in Tanaris) so I suppose the decision has already (sort of) been made. If I can inch my way along at 5-10 levels a day, then I’ll be in a pretty happy place.

It would also help a TON if we still got experience for hitting the bosses when we were dead, because that is really taking its toll on me.

2 Responses to Grinding Levels – But at the Cost of Burnout?

  1. Telwyn says:

    Yeah, the loss of XP if you are dead when the boss falls is a major downside at the moment. My husband’s poor Warrior stands little chance of surviving a whole stage 4 boss fight (now just into the 90s) even with a pocket healer; it’s just not possible to for me to protect him from the insta-kill attacks.

    Some of the zones have really long corpse-runs as well and the PVP battleground-like ‘res on countdown’ at the spirit healer seem to be hit or miss in implementation…

  2. bhagpuss says:

    I’ve started hitting the final boss a few times at the start of the last stage and then withdrawing out of range and waiting for everyone else to kill him. You get kill xp that way with no risk of being dead when it’s awarded. It is ridiculous though that a) there appears to be little or no warning of the insta-kill attacks and b) you don’t get xp anyway if you happen to waiting in the graveyard when the boss dies. Maybe that, too, will get changed tomorrow.

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