Rag and Bone Market


It has been a while since I peeked into Wurm Online, I’ve been spending most of my gaming time in either Wurm Unlimited, World of Warcraft, or just bouncing around in various games. I didn’t have money available for the monthly fee, and I don’t really enjoy playing Wurm as a F2P player, even though technically you can. Thankfully my merchant at the market me and my alliance run has been doing pretty well, and I had 10 silver saved up. I purchased 30 days of game time, and am hoping that through future sales I can continue to keep a subscription this way. At least until I either run out of coin, or I run out of time (running out of time is a more likely scenario with Llama Bean inc. on October 20th).

Getting back into things is pretty easy. I wandered around my deed repairing things that had fallen into disuse, and taking inventory on what supplies I had (and any that I may have needed). I went over the latest patch notes, made sure nothing was missing from either of my places, and tidied up the animal pens. Most of my horses have passed on, but I still have at least one breeding pair left and honestly that’s all that’s needed. My sheep have fared much better, I still have a good sized herd of both black and white sheep. I wasn’t keeping any other animals, so there’s nothing else to worry about. I spent a good hour chopping down trees that were growing in places I didn’t want trees, as well as culling a swarm of seals that had moved into the market place.

As to what sort of long term project I want to work on – I have no idea. I’ll probably go back to alternating weapon smithing a bit because why not. I  haven’t really looked over my skills to see what interests me. Still, it’s nice to be back. I’ve missed playing and were it not for the cost, I’d probably play a lot more. If you happen to be playing, you can add me to friends – I’m on Xanadu as Stargrace. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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