The End of Blaugust


Today is August 31st – and it marks the end of Blaugust (at least for me). I managed to post every single day for the month of August, something I haven’t done in a really long time. In fact I haven’t had 31 posts in a month since August 2014, the last time I participated in Blaugust. My total monthly post count for 2016 has been lacking in a big way, and while I can come up with a handful of real life reasons as to why that is, writing here is something I’ve really missed doing and I’m thankful for the motivation to post (Big thanks to Belghast for once again hosting this leisurely Blaugust). Sure, a handful of posts had no actual text – but the fact that I still kept up with my posting is reason enough for me to celebrate.

Most of those posts were about World of Warcraft, which happens to be where I’m spending most of my time these days. Even before the release of Legion it’s just one of those games that I can dive into easily, without any pressure. Doesn’t take a lot of time for me to get something done, be it a quest, LFR, LFG, or a simple pet battle. With invasions I managed to get all of my characters to 100 before Legion, a feat I wouldn’t have thought possible using “standard” methods.

My priest is now sitting at a comfortable level 103. I’m not in a rush, and I want to experience the lore and stories that come with each quest. I’ve finished my first zone, and it was a lot of fun. I’ve started doing my profession quests and I’ve picked up two out of the three artifacts that I can potentially level. I’ve been splitting my rewards between shadow / holy so they’re both leveling up at the same time. I have zero interest in discipline, even though that’s the spec I was playing exclusively before the class revamp patch. It’s just not a fun (or viable) path for me any more.

I expect it will take me some time to reach 110 and I’m absolutely fine with that. My tentative “goal” (if you can call it that) is a level or so a day. If I don’t reach it, no big deal. I’d also like to continue working up my professions. I expect those will actually take me more time than anything else since I didn’t have them maxed out before Legion (something I sorely regret).

The most important thing is that I’m having fun. There are people everywhere, things are interesting, and I feel renewed. So far I’m having a lot of fun customizing my weapon and just taking in the scenery. I’m a little disappointed in the lack of pet battles that I’ve seen so far (I’ve only done one new open world battle, and earned another pet through a quest) but that’s alright. I’m sure more things will open up as I progress through zones. I hope people stick around, but time will tell. There are already level 110 players out there, and I hope they find enough to do to keep themselves interested in the game.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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