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These days video games are more involved than ever before, and this has allowed for the creation and popularity of web sites that provide guides and walk throughs, no matter the game in question (chances are, if there’s a video game out there, someone has written some sort of guide for it to help others). If it wasn’t for WoWHead I’m pretty sure I’d be lost on a number of the new World of Warcraft Legion quests. They’re no longer the simple ‘Kill 10 Rats’ quests that I’ve come to know in the past. Instead they require me to figure out puzzles, learn the lore, explore, and numerous other little hints and tricks that I probably wouldn’t be able to figure out all on my own.

You can find guides and step by step help for all sorts of genres, from how to play online casino games, to deeply involved RPG walk-throughs. These can be player-run sites, professional guides, or even news sites. I like to think that there will always be room for these types of sites because no two people learn exactly the same way, using exactly the same method. Some people enjoy watching YouTube “lets play” videos to meander their way around and to learn. Others appreciate a more casual approach, and still others would rather a methodical method of learning how.

When I first created MmoQuests I had a weekly quest walk through posted, typically one of the bigger EverQuest II signature / heritage quests that were in game. Over the years I’ve slowed down talking about them because there are just so many and it was getting hard to narrow down my favourites. Still, I like to think that these guides have come in handy over the years, and the pages still get a number of hits from those looking for a bit of help.

Have you ever thought of starting up a site for guides and walk throughs? Do you use any yourself or do you prefer to keep things as a secret to figure out for yourself? Let me know below in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. Shai says:

    Not a guide or a walkthrough per se but on my blog I have been doing a written version of “let’s play” by (slowly) roleplaying my way through the Myst series of games for nostalgia. I’m not really giving away specific answers to the puzzles though so I don’t know that it would be that useful for anyone beyond its entertainment value. The big “first impressions” post I just put up for BDO might be useful for someone… But is it something I plan to do regularly? Probably not. I write whatever strikes me. :)

    Other people who post guides and walkthroughs are invaluable though. I try to figure things out for myself and avoid spoilers but if I’m getting frustrated I’d rather use a good guide than be tempted to ragequit something I was enjoying up to that point.

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