How About We Play What we Enjoy


How about I just play what I enjoy.

Sounds like a pretty simple task, no? Except for me, due to multiple reasons reason, it just hasn’t been.

I think it started way back with EQ2. See, I didn’t always used to have a plethora of alts. Nope, I used to be a one character only type of person. I played a druid (warden in specific) in raids and I absolutely adored it. Then it came to be that the raid needed an illusionist. Back then raids were ‘easier’ mechanic wise and I was able to two box my druid AND my illusionist. This opened up a whole lot of possibilities. As time went on the raid wanted my druid less and less and a different class more and more. Since I had already compromised once I continued to and before I knew it I had an overloaded stable of characters for as many classes as I could handle, learning the ins and outs of their combat specifics. It grew from there and carried across the different games that I played until it manifested itself into the current form. I rarely have less than 10 characters in any MMORPG, and my method of thinking of what I should play has changed drastically.

In the past I would just play what I wanted to play and it was a simple answer. Maybe not at the outset of a new game because I’d have to find what I was comfortable with but I already had a good idea of what that class was. As time went on it became a question of “what can I play that will be valuable to other people, so that I can be of value to other people too”. That mindset stayed with me and it’s a really hard one to shake off. In World of Warcraft that meant playing classes that had more than one specialization so that I could be flexible and not have to create a brand new character. Classes where you can tank, dps, or heal are ideal. I very rarely ever thought about what I wanted to play, instead I constantly questioned what I thought everyone else wanted me to play.

Except everyone else really just wants me to play whatever I want, and they don’t even have any thoughts on the subject, and it’s just all in my head.

This is the reason why right now I’m playing a hunter.

Yes, lots (and lots) of people play hunters. That’s why I’ve never actually played one as a main before, but left the character as more of a background character that I would pick up here and there. I didn’t want to be one of a million other hunters, I wanted to be needed and valued. Turns out you can still be of value to yourself and others while playing something you actually want to play. Go figure!

I’ve been playing the hunter through Legion content for one day and I’m already level 104. It’s faster than I had expected because I’m having so much fun with it. She’s also my jeweler, so she’s got 700 mining and JC. Having professions makes me feel bonded to my characters and is pretty important to me. As I mentioned in my previous post I faction changed from a troll to a human, swapping from horde to alliance – a choice I don’t regret at all (aside from the fact that my server is 97% horde characters). This gives me the ability to group up with more of my bnet friends who are playing alliance (and lets not forget I already have the 110 priest on the horde side). I’m having an absolute blast – and this is after a week of me waffling about trying to decide what to play. I just couldn’t decide what I felt like because my frame of mind was all over the place. I’ve got no doubt that I’ll be reaching 110 before too long and I may even do dungeons and (gasp) work on getting into some groups with people. It’s amazing how much more freedom I seem to have when I’m playing something that is just pure fun.

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