Appreciating Streamers


Now that I’m a first time parent with a tiny little one who seems to do nothing but eat – I REALLY appreciate streamers. I tend to watch people who stream on twitch because my Roku has a plugin for that which makes it easy to watch on my TV while I’m nursing. I’ve also got a handy laptop that allows me to watch streams on Beam and Forge (though Forge announced today that they’ll no longer be supporting streaming, which sucks).

I know streaming isn’t easy. Making conversation, deciding whether or not to be on cam, ignoring the (numerous) trolls, none of it comes naturally, but it does come with practice. If you happen to know of an interesting streamer, be sure to leave a comment so I can follow them (and make sure to tell me what platform they use to stream).

I’m glad that there’s competition between streaming platforms, but I wish there were an easier way of watching them all on my TV with the Roku.

In the early mornings (we’re talking 4am PST) I tend to watch a WoW streamer (or two). Later in the day I watch a Minecraft streamer. I follow streamers for games that I’m particularly interested in or streamers whose personality I resonate with. Having good equipment also helps, I really dislike drastic volume changes within a stream, and obnoxious sound effects just get in the way.

I’m hoping once my little guy is sleeping for longer periods that I might be able to fit in a stream here and there myself. For now I’m just doing a lot of watching and hosting on my own channel.

Do you enjoy watching gaming streams? What are your favourite ones to watch? Let me know in comments!

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