Epic Repercussions (again)

My necromancer hasn’t been around for very long but I already have a list of things I wanted to complete on the character starting with my fabled epic which I completed a few days ago. The necromancer epic is incredibly simple. It requires no factions and just a handful of old dungeons. Once I had the fabled, I went to the mythical. That one required Protector’s Realm, Leviathan, and Nexona from Veeshan’s Peek. I mentored down and completed them all solo without too much issue.

After that it was time to start Epic Repercussions, and that quest probably took me the most amount of time, but I got it completed this morning. Now the necromancer is set to begin her 2.0 whatever that entails. Since she’s “new” there’s lots of faction and language work that I haven’t done on her yet. I also want to work her up as a provisioner. I do already have a level 100 provisioner but she’s on Maj’Dul which isn’t much use to me these days.

I leveled the carpenter to 100, bringing my crafters to 5/9 at level 100.

Next up? Probably working on the signature line for the previous expansion. There’s an ethereal I can get if I complete both that signature line and the one for Kunark Ascending. I’m not sure how long it is or how complicated but hopefully it’s not too bad. I’m still using twark gear in my off-hand, so completing this and getting the ethereal would be really nice. Then it’s back to faction work in KA.

Busy busy!

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