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I love the steam workshop that allows people to create and post their game mods up for others to use. I think it really adds to the community, and of course it adds to the playability of the games that these mods are created for. RimWorld has a few “quirks” that I’m not very fond of – but no worries, there’s a mod for that.

The first one I use increases stack sizes. I believe the default stack size is 75 – and when you’ve progressed in the game that becomes a huge annoyance as you collect more and more items and have to keep expanding your stockpiles. I suggest this mod as a must.

You’ll notice that most of my mods don’t make the game ‘easier’ but only enhance the game, add content to it, or are simple quality of life items. I prefer it that way, but you can hunt down mods for pretty much anything.

The other mods I’m using include:

Realistic Rooms – this makes it so that I don’t need gigantic rooms in order for my RimWorld colonists to be happy. They’re much more realistic sizes.

FishIndustry – adds fishing to the game. You can create a dock and basically ‘hunt’ from it.

RimFridge – just like it says, it adds fridges to the game. Great when you want to keep food in the same room as a prisoner (just one example).

More Furniture – adds (you guessed it) more furniture.

[T] More Floors – adds more floor options (a LOT more).

Tilled Soil – gives me better growing options if I till the soil first.

Vegetable Garden – A huge mod that adds new meals to cook, new ways to cook them, and new research branches to unlock even more options.

Fences and Floors – pretty self explanatory.

Have a favourite RimWorld mod that you use? Be sure to let me know in comments and I’ll check it out! I’m only just getting started with mods, so I’ve just been going by those most popular and ones that interest me. There are thousands out there that can change so much of the gameplay that I just haven’t really known where I should start!

I started up a new game last night (on rough difficulty, classic gameplay) and so far it’s going very well. I’ve had a few pirate invasions, I had a chunk of spacecraft fall from the sky that I had to destroy (and two scythers popped out of it, scary!), I’ve had animals go mad, I’ve had a muffalo rampage happen (I had to keep my colonists indoors for that one), and various other smaller difficulties have all been faced and overcome. Two of my colonists are now in love, no one has died (yet), and we’ve expanded from the original three to five. In other words, things have been going relatively well, and any moment now I expect things to go batshit crazy and fall apart. I’ve just entered into my first winter. We’re well stocked with food and medical supplies – we’ll see what we come up against, and how well prepared we were in the end.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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