7th Spring 5500 – RimWorld

(Tales from the RimWorld, my adventurers diary of events) 

7th Spring, 5500

I decided to head out and make it on my own, taking only a few belongings and my trusty Yorkshire Terrier, Gambler. He isn’t much but I just can’t be without him. Everyone laughed at me. I think I’m in the arid shrub land right now but I can’t really be too sure. More updates later.

10th Spring, 5500

After a lot of mining and hauling, I’ve carved myself a small room in a mountainside. I think I will at least be safe from fire here. Sadly, this did not protect me from the insane turtle that started randomly attacking me. I managed to ping off a few shots with my rusty gun, but those turtles don’t mess around! Maybe I accidentally stepped on its nest?

11th Spring, 5500

Veniamin was wandering around outside and said it looked like I could use some help, so he joined my team. He doesn’t say much but he’s a hard worker. I suppose I’m thankful for the company. He also reminded me that he faints at the sight of blood, so he won’t be doing any medical procedures. No problem, I can handle them all.

12th Spring, 5500

We were raided today by Soto; a pirate. Veniamin doesn’t have a gun but he bravely ran out there and clubbed the intruder while I shot from the safety of the doorway to our humble abode. There were no deaths (besides Soto’s) and we buried him under a nice tree (after taking his clothes). Why he thought attacking us with a club was a good idea I’ll never know. Veniamin uses that club now. Hey, we have to eat.

13th Spring, 5500

An escape pod landed nearby but when I went to check it out I found Denis there. He is known as a masochistic pyromanic with depressive traits. He’s also Veniamin’s brother. Instead of rescuing him I told Veniamin that he was already dead when I got there. Veniamin is sad now because that was his only brother. I should feel bad, but I oddly don’t. I really didn’t want to deal with a pyromanic at our base. It’s almost summer, we should be gathering crops for food.

14th Spring, 5500

Our neighbours came by for a visit, they call themselves the Washatntni Confederation. I just call them the Washa’s.

15th Spring, 5500

Veniamin is acting oddly, wandering around in a dazed state. I think he’s close to the breaking point.

4th Summer, 5500

Veniamin’s Mom was being chased by a raid – and since we already declined his brother, I decided why not let her join up with us. I was hoping she could help bring Veniamin out of his weird dazed state. When she called us for help I figured she was nearby but her and the pirates showed up IN OUR BASE which was just not cool. Lots of blood shed, but thankfully we’re all still alive.

8th Summer, 5500

We had some visitors today, but I forget their names. Summer has been warm.

Early Fall, 5500

We’ve had a few eclipse. They knock out our solar panels, so it’s not much fun. Thankfully they only last a day, but when you have a few in a row it can become a problem. We have one battery, so we have some power stored up but not that much. It’s keeping our freezer running at least so our meat doesn’t go bad.

8th Fall, 5500

We were raided by the Godlessness party. There were three of them. All of us are injured, which means no one is tending to our wounds. I can barely pick up the pen and paper to write this journal entry. Hopefully we can just pull out of it.

1st Winter, 5500

We managed to survive the raiders back in the fall, but shortly after we came down with the plague. All three of us. I don’t have long to live, but I wanted to make sure that our story was told. Whoever finds our base should find a good supply of food and items in storage. Make sure you keep a healthy doctor handy, learn from our mistakes.

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