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I went through my list of mods and removed a few that I didn’t end up liking, and adding more that I wanted to try out. Right now my mod list sits at 28, which isn’t that many in the grand scheme of things, but is still a lot more than I’ve played with previously.

Mods are fantastic, especially in RimWorld. They can completely change how you play the game and extend the gameplay far beyond what the base game comes with. So far I’m still completely enthralled, and looking at my steam hours it’s no wonder. I have over 130 hours played (though a lot of that is me just leaving it to play while I’m AFK, or sitting with the game paused as I tend to RL).

Some of the newest mods I’ve added are:

  • The Mad Rabbits of Caerbannog – This adds new pack animal events instead of just the base ones (which were pretty boring)
  • Shiro – adds a new type of pet to the game
  • Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering – Because playing doctor is fun
  • Lamia – another pet type mod
  • Call of Cthulhu – Cults A16 – which adds a whole lot of sacrifice, spells, and monsters to the game. This mod is insane, and a lot of fun.

I’ve also been watching RimWorld streamers on twitch. Everyone plays the game slightly different, with different goals and mods. It’s pretty neat to see what someone else is up to, how long they survive, and what difficulty they play on. You can customize the scenario before you get into the game which also offers a lot of replay ability. There’s a pretty popular Fallout theme that I’ve seen some people playing that I may try out next.

I also added Prison Architect to my steam wishlist (you can find me there as Stargrace if you’re looking to add friends) – I know it has been in a humble bundle or two in the past, and I’m hoping I can find it there again before too long. Since RimWorld is based loosely on that game I’m hoping I would enjoy it just as much. I prefer the genre of RimWorld which is the only reason I haven’t immediately scooped it up.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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