Vikings: War of Clans

It’s not very often that I stumble across games in the google play store, but Vikings: War of Clans caught my attention right away. Before playing I took a quick peek at their website and then decided to jump in (you can also find a browser version of the game, along with an iOS version if you’re interested. I just happen to use Android).

The game is multiplayer, and you’re in charge of creating and developing a clan – or you can join one already created. Once you’ve created you’ll want to (of course) upgrade – and the upgrades cost resources. The more upgrades you have, the stronger you become, and the easier time you’ll have at winning against other players and capturing the Place of Power (a central location within a map).

It’s not just about the brute strength of your clan, either. The game employs strategic thinking, and you’ll find yourself using trade or diplomacy in order to win rather than just throwing your men at the gates of your enemies.

Of course in free to play games like this, a shop is typically expected. In that regard Vikings: War of Clans is no different. You can purchase items for real life money, but it’s not an absolute must. The game is free to play and you can jump right in without any barriers which is particularly nice.

They have also had a number of updates over the course of the game’s release. The developers are active and interested in making sure that the game stays interesting to players – something I’ve always appreciated.

If you’re looking for more information or just want to check out their social pages, why not pop on over to the Vikings: Clans of War facebook page (which is very active these days), or check out the Plarium web site.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. MrrX says:

    I’ve been playing this one for quite some time. While it’s a fun diversion, it turns out it’s pretty difficult to write about your fifth level 21 manor being upgraded in a week’s time. I’m curious which Kingdom you ended up with – I landed in K88.

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