Priest Shenanigans

I’ve got a total of four characters on the Sklotopolis server. I typically have two logged in at once, but I have been known to log in all four on occasion (happens very rarely). Why do I have so many characters? I have two vynora priests, and two fo priests. While there’s no detriments to becoming a priest on this server, you do still need to link up to cast the higher level spells (so you need to pool your favour / mana) and priest spells are still restricted by priest type. I have two fo so I can cast LT on my weapons, and that’s what I plan on working on in the next little while. My fo channeling is abysmal, and grinding channeling in general is a pretty dull task (yay for GL-Freedom and Netflix to help combat that).

Yesterday I had an order from Fescue for some tools, six in total. I got them created and improved quickly enough and then they wanted them all enchanted with circle of cunning, so I spent a bit of time doing that. My vynora channeling is pretty good but RNG was not on my side and I kept coming up short. It happens, but I wish it happened less often. RNG is the bane of Wurm (both Online and Unlimited).

Besides that I also spent the majority of yesterday working on improving tools in general. I have a forge I renamed to [Requires Imping] and a second forge renamed [Finished]. I spent the day improving the items from forge A to 80 and shuffling them over to forge B. Now I have a little stock pile of 80ql items, for selling or for my alliance mates to use. Until I get my mining to 90, 80ql is the best I can do. Mining is another one of those “wow this takes forever” skills. I’m at 85 right now, and it’s next on the list of things I want to work on.

That list just keeps on growing.

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