Lets Play – Sparta: War of Empires

Haven’t you always wanted to control your own Spartan city-state? I know I have! I’ve always been fascinated by the history, and if you’re looking for a great game to explore, then Sparta: War of Empires may just be the one for you. It will provide a few distracted hours of entertainment at the very least.

Of course you can’t conquer other cities all alone so you’ll need to recruit a slew of different military units to defend your city – or to take over other cities. You’ll raid them of their wealth and resources and boost up your ranks with these military units. By completing objectives you’ll help your small city grow into a mighty empire and eventually you’ll lead your mighty Spartan army to victory against Xerexes’ forces. To battle!

Captivating artwork draws you in right from the get-go, and let’s not forget just a few of the game highlights featured on their web site:

  • Develop your city into a major military and political power and save Greece!
  • Inspire over 30 different mighty warriors from across the ancient world to aid your cause.
  • Use trade, diplomacy, guile, and raw military power to rewrite history in your image.
  • Battle NPC enemies and rival alliances, join in cooperative missions with your friends, or go up against a massive community of live opponents – the choice is yours!
  • Immerse yourself in deep MMORTS gameplay, AAA artwork, voiceovers, and an original score by BAFTA award-winning composer Jesper Kyd.

An active and robust community is just one more enticing feature of this MMO as you can tell by their twitter account where they announce cash shop sales, contests, and general happenings. You certainly won’t be finding things growing stagnant here! You may even want to bring along a friend or two to form an alliance, or you can all join a coalition together and combine those forces with others to ensure greater victories.

Browser games like this are especially appealing when you may not be able to get to your gaming PC, or you may only have a little bit of time at your disposal (like you’re taking care of your young one, or you’re waiting for an oil change) which makes me incredibly thankful for them. The diversity in these games means there’s something for everyone.

Have you given this game or a game like it a try? What did you think? Be sure to share your comments below!

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