1.3 Progress on Sklotopolis

Now that the much anticipated 1.3 patch is live I’ve been spending most of my time cooking, creating tools to use for cooking, and farming items to be used for (you guessed it) cooking. I’m absolutely loving the new recipes that have been added, and making notes in my cook book about which foods give me which affinity buffs. I haven’t found a lot of useful ones yet, but I’ve found a small handful (like meditation, and jewel crafting). The one I’m really eager to find is the food that will give me a channeling buff. With my current skill in cooking most buffs last for a good half hour, and the more complicated a recipe, the longer that buff lasts.

It hasn’t all been cooking though. I recently added three new buildings to my deed, Quail Ridge. I decided I needed a dedicated kitchen house, so I added a new smithing building along with a carpentry house and tailoring. They’re not huge places, but I do plan on adding a second timber floor once I have more time. Maybe a bridge filling in the gap between them, too. I haven’t decided yet.

I also created some of the new storage options. WOW. They’re amazing. The barrel rack and planter rack are adorable and make everything look neat and tidy. The new large storage rack is great for holding all sorts of things although I didn’t really enjoy crafting it since it took three rafts.

I’ve also been trying to collect bees of my very own. I have two hives out in the wild (near wild hives) hoping that the queen will migrate to my (better quality) hive. So far that hasn’t happened, but I go by every day and take the honey and wax from the wild hives to add to my collection. If I can get a queen to migrate to my hive I’ll plant all sorts of flowers in the back yard to encourage more production. We’ll see how it goes.

Have you played around with the changes in 1.3 yet? What are some of your favourite things? Let me know below in comments and as always happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Wreck says:

    I’m really enjoying the update as well. I’m a homebrewer IRL so guess what I’m working on :) I have a brewery setup and started making some beer. Will move onto stronger stuff too but having a lot of fun checking out the depth of cooking they added into Wurm. They don’t do it small do they? There’s a ton of stuff to figure out! See ya in game!

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