Enter the New Players

I know I’ve been going on about the 1.3 update for quite some time, not only in Wurm Unlimited, but when it was released in Wurm Online – and it appears that I’m not the only one excited, because yesterday saw a HUGE influx of new players to Sklotopolis, I think we were nearing 100 players online at one point (not including any alts, these were unique steam IDs) which is fantastic. It seemed like new player after new player was logging in to check out the changes and see what was happening. Thankfully, Sklotopolis is an amazing server with a fantastic community. It’s also a large server, and there’s tons of space to move around and place your own deed at (or you can join one of the many amazing villages that the server is host to).

New players, old players, it didn’t seem to matter, they arrived in droves. I’m actually surprised no one has tripped over the Troll King yet that’s out there wandering around.

In my own news, my wild bees have FINALLY migrated over to the hives I created. I was a bit worried about one because the wild hive was 66QL and my crafted hive was 66.1QL, but it worked (even if it took a few days). I was incredibly happy to drive up to the hive and see “active” scrawled across it. They even have a cute little graphic of the hive rocking back and forth when it’s got active bees in it. Too cute.

While it’s producing honey, it’s not producing wax, which I find slightly annoying. The devs tell me it’s just very rare, but I personally feel like it’s bugged. Not much I can do about it aside from hunt for wild hives to obtain the wax from them instead.

Ogur and I have been working on terraforming my back yard. I want to create a sort of public park / forest back there. The first thing we have to do is flatten the area, it was covered in hills and rocks. A long project considering I expanded it 70 tiles to the North, but it’s coming along. I also created a new area for the bees, and some tree sprouts were planted along with a fancy marble path. It’s slow work, but it should look fantastic once complete.

I worked on my channeling a bit, enchanted some tools for friends, and generally mucked about doing typical wurm things. Chatted in GL-Freedom to players and enjoyed watching new deeds (and players) crop up. In other words, a very typical Saturday playing Wurm Unlimited (and tending to RL by way of all things baby, of course).

Today I hope to continue working on my channeling, meditation, farming, and maybe work on the second story of my three houses that I’ve added. Then there’s also cooking.

Who am I kidding, there’s always cooking.

OH! One very handy thing that Moumix pointed out to me – you can now center items on a tile with the move option, or place them on a corner. This is the BEST OPTION I have EVER made use of. My altars, and house furniture and statues, and so many other items are now perfectly aligned and I absolutely LOVE IT. I don’t know when the feature was added but I spent many hours yesterday moving items this way and that.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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