You get a Colossus, and YOU get a Colossus, and You get a…

Things have been going well in Wurm Unlimited. At first I missed Wurm Online, but I don’t miss having to pay a subscription, and believe it or not, I don’t even miss Xanadu. The community on Sklotopolis has made sure of that. Every day is still an adventure.

I recently started offering my colossus building services to players. I charge 15 silver and provide all supplies and go out and build. It takes me less than a day to complete one (more like 5 hours) and it’s perfect for people who may not want to under take such a task or who may be unable to create one of a specific religion they want (you have to be a follower of that religion to create a colossus of that deity). I already built two this week, one for a future impalong site (free of charge of course) and one for a customer (pictured above). Exciting times!

I also managed to create my first ever useful supreme item yesterday – a forge! I was so incredibly excited. It glows a nice purple, and I know I’ll make good use of it since I spend so much of my time at the forges working on weapons and general blacksmithing items.

The teraforming on my own deed is finally completed, and now I just need to decide what I want to do with the space. I have some ideas, but haven’t built much yet. In the meantime I’m just glad it’s done.

My channeling is finally at a place where I’m starting to get some nicer casts. Not all of the time, but occasionally which is better than never. I managed to get a few 90 casts yesterday on items for a customer. Of course I pull off low 60s on my own items because Vynora is not very nice. Go figure.

All in all, a great time Wurming. If you’re looking for an active friendly server, check out Sklotopolis. Highly recommended, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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