Lots and LOTS of mining

Boat tunnels are pretty important things in Wurm Online – and the same is true when it comes to Wurm Unlimited. My alliance has been working on a boat tunnel for the past little while and I decided to go and help mine out some of the veins located in the way of the tunnel. I picked iron to start with since I can always use iron, 93 quality. My pickaxe is a glimmersteel rare pickaxe so I get ore 1ql above my mining level (and the level of the ore node). 91 mining is where I was at when I started and by the end of the first day I was at 92. Getting one point a day is pretty impressive for me. I also managed to walk away with:

  • 5900 ore
  • 7 rare ore
  • 1 supreme ore
  • 2 gems
  • 2 moon metals

Not a bad haul! Especially since in my own mine I’m not nearly as lucky, some days I can mine vein after vein and never see a single rare, let alone 7 of them. I put them up on my merchant for now (if they don’t sell I can always try to create something from them like a pickaxe head) and re-stocked my recipe merchant.

I’m sitting at 174 learned recipes (besides the default ones that we all start with) which is still a far cry from the total amount available, but it’s a good start. I’ve been offering to trade recipes with people for ones that I don’t have, or buy ones that I don’t have. I’ve got a merchant set up with a full inventory of ones I’ve created and they’ve been selling slowly (10c each, not a huge amount. It’s mostly to cover the cost of making paper and dye).

I started working on my Temple of Three. Most of the building is completed aside from the front. I built three altars inside and blessed them with each of my priests so now everyone has a place to hang out. I improved the Vynora altar to about 50, but I have plans to take it to at least 80. I’ll need to raise my JC skill a bit for that but it will come with time.

I’ve completely re-worked Quail Ridge over the past few weeks. When I expanded it needed to be flattened, and then I removed all of the stone walls surrounding the old deed to give it a more open feel. I removed half of the indoor horse pens and created my temple there, then created pens outside for the unicorns and hell horses. Since I rarely use regular horses these days there was no need to have so many. I also removed most of the indoor fields and pens that I had. I moved the cows and sheep to maple hedge pens I created along the back of the expansion. I also moved fields out there (garlic and wemp for now). I still have a field next to my farm house for food items that I commonly use, and my herbs are growing well. All in all, it has been pretty productive lately!

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