Temple of Three and Server Events

I’ve been revamping my deed on Sklotopolis, and yesterday I finished the outside of the Temple of Three building that I had been working on. I used a bridge as an arch over the doorway, and the entire thing is made of stone. There’s a rare rock slab in front of the door on the ground with a meditation rug on top, just to give it a little flare. The inside is filled with enchanted grass at the moment because this area used to be my pens, and I’ve enchanted all the altars so my priests have a place to hang out. A large magic chest with some food, and a barrel with some water, and everyone is set. I haven’t finished my craft hall yet (still needs a second floor and a roof) but I’m out of rock shards so that will have to come first. I’ve also been thinking about mining a tunnel from Quail Ridge to Dwarf Fortress. It would be quite large, but could be a fun project. Something to think about in any case.

There are a few events coming up on the server that I’m pretty excited about. The first one is a PVP Hunger Game type event. It happens next Saturday, and I’ve signed up to participate. I’m a bit worried about people using some mods that will give them a hefty advantage in finding the key to unlock a chest and grant them gear – but the prizes that are given out are random to participants, so at least it’s not a big deal if I come in last place (which I probably will). It should be a good time for everyone.

The next event is still being decided on as far as dates go and includes a double feature of dragon killing. One is a hatchling (drops drake hide) and the second one is a full grown dragon, drops scale. I’ve never actually won anything from the events that go on, but maybe my luck will change and I’ll get a chance at some dragon armor. Then again, knowing my luck, nothing will come of it. I’m expecting a huge turn out from everyone on the server, it’s usually a fantastic way to get people together. The date for that one hasn’t been decided yet, but it looks like it will also happen on Saturday. We’ll just have to see. Next weekend is also Easter, so there’s some family stuff going on as it will be my little guy’s first.

Busy? Yes. Things are busy, but always having something to do in game is not a bad thing by any means. If you’re playing Wurm Unlimited don’t forget to stop by the Sklotopolis server and say hello! I’m typically there as Stargrace, and you really won’t find a better server out there.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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