If I didn’t have Bad Luck, I’d have No Luck at All..

It never fails.

I spend a day or two working on my own tools, improving them to 90, creating ones I’m missing and I don’t get a single rare (or above) roll. I don’t even pretend to look for them any more because it just doesn’t happen. Today was just like that. Moumix then put in a trowel of his in my forge to improve since he’s been working on the walls of Sybaris and BAM – I turned it supreme on the first action.

The only thing I’ve ever made supreme in my entire WO / WU time is a forge (which I absolutely love, don’t get me wrong). Of course after a day of creating tools to sell / improving my own tools I would happen to turn the ONE item I was improving for a friend supreme. THAT is my luck in Wurm Unlimited. I am lucky for everyone – except myself.

It’s not a bad thing I suppose. At least I’m lucky at something.

I re-stocked my merchants at Haven (I sell cooking recipes on one merchant and I sell rares & enchanted tools on another). I think I’m up to 40 silver of items sold now – and I’ve spent all of it on armour and other tools. I don’t sell a lot (it takes weeks for me to run out of stock) but it’s a little bit of pocket change here and there that really helps me out over time. Creating colossus for players is a great way to make some extra cash but it has been a bit of a lull lately.

There are a small tiny handful of people on Sklotopolis who rub me the wrong way but for the most part I get along with everyone and I don’t mind helping out where I can. I helped convert Reko to a Magnaron priest (and before that a follower) with my alt, and I lent another player a few silver so they could purchase a hell horse (fantastic animals for traveling the server). I like to help, and there are certainly people who have helped me out over the last year so it’s only fair that I return the favour. My mailbox was enchanted to 93 for no cost, and some horses were returned to me after my time away. I know if I need help with something I can call on folks to be there. It’s a nice feeling and one of the reasons why community in Wurm is so important. But, like I said above, sometimes a person comes along who just rubs me the wrong way. You can’t get along with everyone after all (even if you try). Usually these types of people are trolls who are purposely causing drama that I just don’t have the patience for. Sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding and all is well after things are cleared up. In both cases talking things out like mature adults is a good way to go about a resolution. Sometimes it just requires you to simply ignore the offender.

I better get back to improving someone else’ tools so that I can turn theirs supreme (or fantastic? I’ve never made anything fantastic before) because I know it won’t be one of my own tools at this rate.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 Responses to If I didn’t have Bad Luck, I’d have No Luck at All..

  1. stargrace says:

    I’d be tempted, but it was for a RL friend, hehe.

  2. Rheyan says:

    Haha I feel your pain. I’ve been offering my enchanting services recently and I did a Lifetransfer cast for somebody and got a 99! Of course, for my own weapon my highest cast I’d manage to get was 73.

    I used a 2H sword and he used an axe so I just sucked it up, but in your case… if the trowel was not made out of a special metal if I’d be in your position I would have kept the item you made supreme and just created him a new trowel from scratch ;-)

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