Making Affinity Meals for One

Ever since cooking was introduced to Wurm Unlimited I have been obsessed with collecting as many recipes as I can – and figuring out what food granted me what affinity. As time went on I learned that this would be a lot more difficult than I thought because there are a ton of variables and it’s not quite so simple. The first thing I learned is that if you substitute any one ingredient in the list you altered the affinity buff it granted. If you used a chopped carrot instead of a tomato, or added a different type of grain you’d see a different result even though the meal may end up the same.

Then I learned that it varies depending on who cooks the meal, too. So you can’t just copy a recipe from someone else unless you’re going to have them making your meals for the rest of your life. A nice idea in theory, but not very practical.

I spent most of yesterday playing around with different meals trying to create a complicated base meal and then figuring out what my character ID was so that I could match it to the key list of available affinity. The whole basis for this was to create a semi-complicated meal that would grant me any buff that I wanted and have that buff last for at least an hour. In order to really accomplish this I need to get my cooking skills higher. Yesterday I reached 50 (yay new title) and I’m hoping to grind my way to 70-80 this week or next. It depends on how busy real life gets, lately all I have time for is standing around AFK.

I managed to improve all of my cooking tools to 80 (I could get them to 90 but it takes forever) and next I’ll need to improve the stone ones. I haven’t worked up pottery, but I really should. My oven doesn’t stay lit nearly as long as my forges even though it’s the same quality, and that bugs me. It seems like I’m constantly re-fulling it.

My list of recipes continues to grow. I am getting close to 200 learned recipes, a lot of those are drinks. Drinks also grant affinity, but I have no idea how that process works as far as finding out what drink grants what affinity. It’s enough that I’ve managed to figure out meals I suppose. I also spent some time making coal piles yesterday and transmuting some grass to peat, but I’ll get into that more in another post.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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