Hunger Games 2.0

I know, I haven’t written in a few days but a lot has been going on (both in real life and in Wurm) so you’ll have to forgive me.

To start with, Friday was my birthday (yay) and I spent it with family which was great. Then Saturday was the Hunger Game event on Sklotopolis – it was a blast!

Basically we all stripped down to our .. well, nothings. Empty inventory and all. We were ported into the pvp area and stuffed into tiny little houses so we couldn’t see anything. Then once we were all in place, the walls were removed. In front of us were chests with random items. Some had weapons, others armour. Mine had three balls of cotton, because that’s my luck.

We all scrambled to grab the items from the chests and ran off into the woods, trying to avoid creatures and thorns. I avoided the thorns, but managed to run smack into a hardened bear who chased me across the area. The rest of the game is pretty easy to understand. Survival of the fittest. Some people teamed up to take down the solo players, others just hid as much as they could. Along the way if you were lucky you’d stumble into another chest of goodies to help you out.

I’d like to say I was brave and took down a few players. I’d like to say I wasn’t the 2nd person to die. I’d like to say I fought bravely and that I went down in a fit of glory to another player – except I didn’t do any of those things.

Two people started chasing me, and that blasted bear took me out before I got so much as a swing off on either of them.

So I watched the fight and waited for round two.

Round two didn’t go any easier! Another bear…

This is where being a Fo priest comes in handy. They’re immune to the aggro from most mobs, and they’re also immune to thorns. My advice, next time, be a Fo priest.

At the end there were treasures raffled off to participants, but as is my luck I didn’t win anything. I had to AFK around then for real life so I suppose it’s just as well. I’d love to win some moon metal, or a HOTA statue. I know there were bigger prizes (drake set) but I won’t hold my breath on ever winning something like that.

A few players streamed the event on Twitch, it was awesome to see Wurm get some attention. This is a game I’ve been playing for over 10 years now and no matter how many other shinies seem to distract me I always return.

The event was a lot of fun, Engineer and the other GMs did wonderfully, and it was great to see so much participation in an area of the map that sees little action other days of the year. It’s one thing I really enjoy about Sklotopolis – there are constantly events going on for the community to participate in, and you’re welcome to run your own events too.

That wasn’t it for the weekend though, oh no. There were more Easter events to be had – but I’ll get into details about that in another post (need some content for tomorrow after all).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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