Easter on Sklotopolis

I know not everyone is a fan of real life holidays making an appearance in their MMORPGs but I happen to enjoy them quite a bit, whether they follow the footsteps of real life holidays, or they’re completely made up new ones. Last weekend was Easter, and that meant the GMs of Sklotopolis got together and offered the players some fantastic events – and I had an absolute blast.

First, there is the foraged Easter Egg that you can find. If you’ve ever played regular Wurm Online you may remember this item. You forage around in the ground, find your egg, and then place it somewhere to decay (on deed unless you hide it really well..) eventually out pops something useless like cheese, or flint. If you’re lucky you may get a gem.

The Easter Bunny also made an appearance. This is a mob players can hunt and (gulp) kill, then butcher. You can make a gravestone out of their corpse, and sure it’s a bit morbid, but listening to the eerie laughter of this creature as you’re out hunting is a bit spooky. I’m pretty sure he had it coming.

Finally, we had an amazing Easter egg hunt set up in Haven, one of the starter towns. 10 eggs were hidden around the area for players to find. You right click and select ‘grab’ and inside were all sorts of treasures ranging from silver, to supreme fireworks. It was fantastic. Some of those eggs were pretty tricky to find, too! The egg hunt lasts until tomorrow (Friday, April 21st) so if you haven’t logged in yet to take part I highly suggest finding the time.

These events (as well as the many others I’ve written about) are just some of what make Sklotopolis so special. It’s more than just a server, it’s an active community with a great range of people.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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