Magical Moonshine

I recently made a batch of moonshine and then combined that with a supreme recipe (that gives a bonus to the affinity buff you get, greater than regular affinity buffs) and was incredibly pleased when my 30ql drink lasted 15 hours. I lucked out further when the meal I added it to gave me channeling as my affinity. I ate a tiny portion of the meal and had 16 hours of buffs.

How did I make the miracle moonshine?

  • Grab your trusty cauldron and place 1 of each grain type in it.
  • Get 3 of each vegetable (there’s 10 veggies, leave off rice)
  • Mash and chop each veggie so you have 1 mashed 1 chopped 1 plain of each type
  • Fry (in a frying pan), roast (in a roasting dish), fire roast (cook in a campfire, no container) the veggies so you have 1 of each veggie at each stage. It doesn’t matter where you put the mashed / chopped / plain, so long as you have (as an example) 1 frying pan 1 roasted 1 fire roasted corn etc, you’re good.
  • Put all of those veggies into your cauldron
  • add sugar
  • add water
  • cook in an oven

You’ll need to ferment and distill your moonshine (this should make a huge batch)  and then you can add it to recipes that use moonshine. I picked Billy Sheep Gruff Stew because it’s a Supreme recipe – and according to the cooking document that’ll have better CCFP values and longer temporary buffs. Regular moonshine gives me an affinity in toys (meh) but add it to a combination of ingredients from Billy Sheep Gruff Stew and I get channeling.


While I was working away on my moonshine I realized that my kitchen building was really too small to house all of the items from the latest patch (wine racks, plant racks, barrel racks, stills, and the four ovens I created to level up my hot food cooking) so I decided to create a winery building in my mine, and I moved all of the alcoholic drinks out to the cellar along with the stills and other odds and ends (a bsb for wood scraps, pegs, and other necessities). This left me with more room in my kitchen, and it just looks better over all.

Speaking of looking better I finally finished my new crafting hall. I built a second floor over the arched forge portion and then removed that floor so that I have nice tall ceilings that don’t cut the forges off. I have grapes planted around the outside along the walls in a trellis, and the effect is quite nice if I do say so myself. Quail Ridge is basically done as far as construction goes. I’ve got a few more trees to plant in the orchard, but won’t be adding any more buildings. I also started mining a tunnel from Quail Ridge to Dwarf Fortress (which I will be renaming to Quail Keep). The tunnel goes straight North then turns East, and while I have run into a few ore blocking my way it hasn’t been too bad to get around them. The tunnel is about 400 tiles long, and I’m about 1/3rd of the way done mining it. Then will come the fun (not so fun) part of reinforcing the walls and floor. We’ll see how long that takes me.

It’s nice to have a straight clear path between my deeds. Normally I’d have to take roads or try to move my way through some mountains in the steppe. Doable, but a nice flat road works much better, and this way I’m not destroying any of the topography or ruining hunting grounds with a road.

I haven’t decided what else I’ll do with Quail Keep yet, I’d like an underground city but we’ll see. Then there’s also Quail Cove to work on. Three deeds in total. Quail Cove is my newest acquisition and is a coastal deed.  Sybaris is also costal but owned by Moumix, so I thought I’d deed one of my own. It’s located a bit away from the other two places but still in the Southern part of the map.

It should give me plenty to do, if nothing else.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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