Double Blue Slaying

Ah. The majestic blue dragon. We were lucky enough to have both a blue dragon, and a blue dragon hatchling spawn just before Easter Weekend. We already had an event that weekend so most people opted to hold this one on the next weekend so there was a bit of a break between events.

Because it would be a double dragon slaying I knew right away tons of people would show up – and they did. We had 74 unique people (not including alts) log in for the occasion, combine that with alts, and it was a huge amount. It was awesome.

The first dragon went down really quick. So quick you might have blinked and missed it.

The hatchling, however, was another matter. It was tough, took time, we had to focus.

Some people were a bit more (annoyingly) enthusiastic than others. Times like those I’m happy for the ignore function. Other times I can just tune them out. Even though I love the server (and trust me, I do) there are still those select few who rub me the wrong way for whatever reason. In my years of playing Wurm I’ve found it’s just easier to not associate with those who rub you the wrong way, and just move on and play the game how you enjoy it. If you spend time nitpicking over every single little person / action you’ll never have time to enjoy yourself.

As always, my luck held true and I didn’t win anything. I’ve been on Sklotopolis since April of last year and my luck has remained in this stagnant pool. I still had an amazing time though and that’s what matters. Plus I know some very kind people. Tomservo gave me his rift items, and in return I decided to send him my scale. Ogur (my husband) gave me rift items, scale, hide, and the blood for fletching potions. Moumix also gave me his bit of scale, and I sent that to Tomservo because he’s trying to make a set. I’m really happy with my adamantine, so even if I never get a leather or plate dragon set I don’t feel too bad.

A lot of newer players showed up and walked away with rewards. It’s always nice to see them have such a great time, but also makes me feel a bit sad for veterans who dedicate themselves to the server. Still, the population of Sklotopolis is thriving and I like seeing people excited for events. It encourages them to log in, and gives them something to look forward to.

So these rift items that were given out allow us to create runes (and Rift beer, yum) that can be applied to various items. I’m still learning about them, there’s not a lot of detailed information on the forums. Sure, there’s information on how to craft them but how the runes actually work is another matter. The combines are quite difficult, you have a chance at failure and it will use up a small portion of the rift item. They can be combined together, but .18 isn’t going to get you a rune made, so you’re left with bits of odds and ends.

I created one that I attached to my wagon hoping for a light glow (as advertised) but it turns out they don’t work on the Kingdom specific wagons. Lesson learned. I also couldn’t put a volume increased rune on a bulk storage bin. Ah well. It will take some trial and error to figure out what the best runes are for my personal game play style. I also attached a 10% increase chance at rarity rune on my small anvil. I use it a ton, and maybe one of these days when I’m improving it, it will go rare.

Of course with my luck it will shatter, and the anvil I’m improving for someone else will go rare.

C’est la vie!

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