Building an Obelisk (or Two)

I own three deeds. Quail Ridge (my main deed), Quail Cove (a coastal deed), and Quail Keep (pictured above). Quail Keep is almost completely below ground, with only the entrance indicating that the deed is there. Eventually I’d like a sprawling underground city, but that’s a long way off. In the meantime I’ve been working on making the small portion above ground to my liking. The goal is to touch as little of the terrain as possible, leaving it in its natural form.

First off I used a rune on my Vynora colossus – which turned it into a shade Tomservo said reminded him of the Statue of Liberty in the USA – I agree, and it’s a very neat colour. Next I completed a steel door (but first that required me to collapse the current door and mine it straight, otherwise the door would have looked horrible). Then I created a raised platform on either side of the door – the perfect spot for an obelisk (or two). With one obelisk down I just have one to go. Even with 98 masonry skill these things are difficult to build. Hammering away at them will get them completed eventually.

Another server event is coming up. One I’m REALLY excited about (and that I hold near and dear to my heart). It’s the Spring Impalong. You’ve probably seen me talk about Wurm Online Impalongs in the past. Gatherings of people who improve tools for others, cast enchants, and just generally hang out and have a great time with various games and events planned throughout. While WO Impalongs tend to last a week, this one runs Friday-Sunday of next week (also happens to be Mother’s Day for NA). I’m excited to bring my alts out there. I’m hoping Zuca (my Magnaron priest) reaches 80 faith. I plan on leaving everyone online as a ‘warm body’ for those performing sermons. I’m wondering how organization of those sermons will go. Even if I don’t get a chance to preach, I’m happy to help out.

Stargrace (Vynora), Arysh (Vynora), Minxes (Fo), Blesse (Fo), and Zuca (Magnaron) should all be able to make it and hang out. I’ll be bringing them a bit early since it’s quite a distance from my place, and I’d like to just hang out without any pressure of getting to the location.

Have I mentioned yet that I’m excited? Because I REALLY am! I don’t know what part I’m most excited about. There’s going to be recipe trading going on, meals being cooked, of course the whole reason we’re all gathered – improving tools! I can’t wait to meet even more people from this amazing server. If you’re a newer player looking to have some tools improved, or wanting to meet some of the friendliest people, then the Spring Impalong is one event you just won’t want to miss.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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