EQ2 and a Free Level 100 Character

Every so often I still get the urge to log into EQ2 and poke around, even though I really don’t have a lot of time to play the game (ie: I don’t have enough time to get a group together to do things). I heard that Daybreak was giving away a ‘free’ level 100 character for people who logged in before May 22nd, so I eagerly patched my launcher – only to have it crash with an error 10x in a row. I took to the forums and found that a lot of others had the same issue. So I waited it out.

Saturday I was able to log in without any issues, and in my /claim window I was granted my level 100 character boost. Now most of my characters are already level 100 because right after my Son was born I had a lot of free time on my hands while he was sleeping the days away (not so much these days). I only had two characters out of my collection who were not already level 100. A dirge, and an inquisitor. I decided I would boost up the dirge.

I have incredibly fond memories of EQ2 as anyone who has been reading this blog for the past (almost) 11 years knows – but things have changed over the years. I’ve changed. The game has changed. How the game is played is changed. I return, but never to the same extent as I did back then. It’s just not possible. It’s not a bad thing either, it’s just how things are. I miss how things used to be, too. I miss raiding. I miss the community. I remember it all with fondness though and I don’t “blame” the game for changing because I think that it’s 1. completely natural for things to change over time and 2. completely necessary. Plus like I mentioned above, it’s not just the game that has changed, I’ve changed too. What I want out of a game has changed. What I can give into a game has changed. I find it a bit of a fascinating rabbit hole to dive down and think about, really.

Anyway. It was good to log in, I’m glad I boosted my character, and yes, almost immediately after I logged out. My station access is probably up before too long and I just can’t justify paying for another year of the game when my time is so limited. I feel the same about my World of Warcraft subscription which is also set to expire before too long. Of course if anyone would like to nudge a donation my way I’d keep them active (lol) – can’t blame a gal for trying! Speaking of subscriptions, EVE Online has once again been calling my name. There’s a game that I absolutely adore that doesn’t require a whole lot from me if I choose to play it that way (invention, mining, running missions, etc). Something to think about in any case.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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