Free Overwatch Weekend? Don’t Mind if I Do!

I’ve never played Overwatch before.

Big surprise, right? I mean I obviously write about nothing except these types of games! Hah. OK So maybe it’s not really a surprise, but the fact that I’ve *never* tried the game is a bit of a surprise to myself, because I like to give pretty much any game out there a bit of a go (the one hard exception being horror games).

When I heard about the Overwatch weekend coming up, I admit, I got pretty excited. I’ve been wanting to try the game for a while now. I watch streamers playing it on Twitch and it looks fun. The characters appeal to me. The community, not so much. I’m a fan of blizzard games, and I’ve already got BNet, so I’m hoping this free weekend will give me a taste of the game and maybe I’ll end up enjoying myself so much that I save up for a copy of it. I could even try to save up some of my in-game gold to pay for a part of it. I don’t have a LOT of gold saved up, but I’ve got enough for a token or two.

Have you given the game a try before? What are your thoughts? Will you be trying it out along side me on the free weekend? Let me know in comments! If you’re looking to add me to your BNet friends list, you can find me there as Stargrace#1783.

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