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One of my favourite content creators (they made the Cthulhu mods currently available in the Steam Workshop for RimWorld) published some new mods last week, and wow are they a TON of fun. There are three in total, Star Wars Factions, Lightsabers, and The Force. It adds a bunch of new game play and if you’re a fan of RimWorld and haven’t played around with mods yet (or even if you have) I highly recommend giving it a try. Honestly, there’s no reason NOT to play this game with mods. There is a huge library of some fantastic ones out there and every time I watch a stream on Twitch of someone playing without mods it hurts my heart a little bit. The game is fantastic, but the community of modders is what really makes this game shine.

So far only one of my colonists can use the force. They’re a level 32 Jedi, and I’ve maxed out a lot of the skills available. One of the things I’ve learned to do (which is cheesing the game, but come on it’s fun so what does it matter) is to use the force on trader muffalo’s. You can check their gear out on the gear tab and pick one that has a few items that you could make use of (or sell for a large amount of cash later). Normally if you attack a trader you’ll get a faction hit but if you use the force to make the muffalo go crazy the traders will attack their own muffalo and kill it – leaving behind all of the goodies, and leaving you without a faction hit.

Since I use a lot of other end game mods I collected a fair amount of nice items from the slain muffalo and sold them back to traders who were traveling through space (I have a mod for that, too).

I haven’t tried lightsabers yet, but I’m excited about making some.

Have your own favourite RimWorld mods? Let me know in comments!

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