Flying (again)

I knew I had a PLEX sitting around, and decided that it was time to make use of it. EVE has been calling my name for a little while, and I’m usually pretty good at resisting the siren call – but not this time. This time I wanted to play.

PLEX has changed some (I think in March is when it started?) Instead of it being a single PLEX they have measurements like a type of currency. A month of game time is no longer 1 PLEX, but is 500 PLEX. You can purchase different amounts and use them for not only game time, but for character and account functions. You can sell small or large amounts for ISK just like before, and the value of PLEX has changed because of this. If you were to purchase 1 month of PLEX from the CPP store, it would cost approximately $25 USD (you can purchase 110 PLEX increments for $4.99). Meanwhile my subscription only costs $9.99.

Anyway, I logged in and actually remembered what I was up to for once. There were a few items for me to claim, and I had been working on faction in order to fix my standing with an R&D agent. I’m still sitting at -2.1 but it’s a start. I don’t know what I did to mess the faction up, I must have been working on missions that had me attacking them. Anyway, it’s something I can fix at least. I also checked in on my planetary colonies (I believe it used to be called Planetary Interaction, or PI) and set those working again. I joined the help channel to watch a little bit of chit chat flow back and forth and to pick up little tidbits of knowledge. There’s still so much about the game that I don’t know.

I flew L1 missions for most of the afternoon, taking my time, enjoying the views. Not great rewards, especially flying them in a Tengu, but it’s a start. As I work my faction up I’ll be able to access the more difficult missions and get some better rewards. Once I fix my faction I intend on going back to producing drones to sell at JITA. I haven’t done any mining yet (aside from the little bit that a mission had me doing) but I’m looking forward to some relaxing time hanging out in my hulk (or whatever other ship I decide to take out that day).

Speaking of ships, I need to figure out what I want to fly (build, collect) next. I have about 15 ships, which isn’t that many. I know a few new ones have been added since I played last, and I’m wondering what I need to be able to try them out. I guess I’ll have to research a bit!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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