Goblin Leader Bites the Dust

Yesterday was another server event, this time we gathered together to take down the notorious Goblin Leader. Not as big of an event as say, a drake, but we still had a pretty good crowd, with 40+ people showing up. There were body drops from the Goblin Leader, as well as items donated from staff and players.

Now, one (small) issue I have with these events is that if someone wins something they don’t particularly want, they can pass, and have a chance at something better. The downside to this of course is that you may not win anything at all or you might get incredibly lucky and have your name drawn again on the uber_item_101 that you wanted. The problem I have is that sometimes the items being rolled on really suck (this is IMO, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure and what have you) and there are still good items waiting to be rolled on, so staff allows us to pass.

I wish there was no option to pass. If you win something, be thankful you won, and accept it – or give it away or trade it away, or decline – but that removes you from future drawings from that event. I think it should be up to players to make a deal or figure out what they want to do with their wins.

See the problem is sometimes the loot REALLY sucks, like, goblin meat. There’s nothing special about it, regular goblins drop it, it’s not used in anything fancy. Of course this is the item that I “won” so I passed it. So did a few other people. It takes time to pass until someone finally shrugs their shoulders and says OK fine I’ll accept it, or auto accepts because they’re not actually present. If you get picked to win something, that should be it. Take it upon yourself to handle how you deal with your win. It’s only logical that (most) people will pass on things that are “useless” if there are “better” things in the draw. I say this because again, one man’s treasure.

Trade it, give it away, destroy it, whatever. It doesn’t matter. When your name is drawn for a raffle item that should be the item you win (or don’t win). So far I’ve won some goblin meat and a canopy bed. Both of which I passed on because there were better items (like a drake set, remember I still don’t have that sort of armour) further down the list.

Anyway. That all being said, the event went pretty smooth and people were happy. The smaller gatherings seem to work out well, the staff and organizers (as always) did a fantastic job. We each got to pick items from a chest afterward (two chests). I got a weapon smithing potion, and a chunk of rift wood. Ogur got a rare piece of iron (43ql) and a chunk of rift wood which he gave to me. We all also got ourselves some Goblin Leader blood which is used to create mining potions.

Afterward I logged Zuca in to check on my sales, and ported her home to help work on the mine tunnel I have ongoing. Moumix was helping me reinforce the tunnel but he hasn’t been around for a month or so, so I’ve slowly been working on it myself. I’ve got most of the tunnel mined two wide, and am working on getting it three wide, and reinforcing the entire length of it. Slow progress, but hey it’s a nice project. I love having a tunnel from Quail Keep to Quail Ridge, saves me a trip through the steppe.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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