EQ – Got No Time for That (but oh well)

It never fails, I tell myself that I just don’t have the time to dedicate to a game like EverQuest, and then before I know it I’m logging in and creating a character. Nostalgia, it’s powerful.

I know I don’t have the time to play, but I do have an hour every night after my Son goes to sleep and before I have to get some sleep myself. I typically use that time to make a blog post or two and post date it to the next day, and then with whatever is left over I get some gaming in. Is that enough to play EverQuest?

Well, on a regular server, maybe. On a progression server where experience is greatly decreased, especially in a game like EverQuest, I’m probably crazy to be trying. Yet that’s where I found myself for a portion of my free time.

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the United States, so there’s bonus experience going on. It runs until Tuesday and I’m going to miss it once it ends. I created a magician. A class I’ve never really played before that I know is “easy mode” as far as leveling goes. There are a LOT of magicians out there. I mean, a ton. So many. The ground is littered with magician corpses.

After getting my gnome to level 3 I started thinking to myself that a shadowknight might be fun. That’s something else I tend to do, I’m unable to settle on a single class to play so I get a handful of characters to level 3 and then end up quitting.

I got a shadowknight to level 3 and then thought to myself “what am I doing!” I don’t have time to level a magician up let alone a tank! So of course I did the next logical thing. I went back to the magician. She’s now level 5.

Will I stick with it?


I love EverQuest. I love the excitement that comes with playing on a progression server. I love how busy they are, and watching chat channels fly by. I love the community and the fuzzy feelings I get when I think about that time in my life. I’ll keep playing it for as long as I can but chances are that may not be very long at all. I do plan on enjoying every second of it while I can though.

You can find me on the latest progression server as Stargrace (gnome magician) or if I’ve changed my mind by then (again) you may find me there as Quail (dark elf shadowknight). Either way, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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  1. Scott says:

    I’ve been playing EQ/EQ2 timelocked servers as my go-to gaming for a while. It does take a long time to level up but as long as its fun to do I dont mind not being ahead of the curve – I have art and writing and family to take care of first so I definitely fall into the pottering along game play.

    If you are still playing I will shoot you a friend request when I’m on tonight, I have a 11 halfling druid on there but like you I struggle to commit to anything so i have a huge bunch of 3-5th level characters. As im in NZ time we may never actually find a cross over play time but can always see.

    cheers and happy leveling!

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