EverQuest Adventures – 1

Did you know that wood elves can be beastlords?

I had no idea!
Of course that meant I had to make one.

I decided to create a character on a completely new server. I’ve already got a full stable of characters over on Drinal, but the server is pretty quiet these days. I know nothing about any of the other servers, but FV (roleplay preferred) has always been pretty popular, and it works the same as a regular server except that the majority of the items on the server that are marked as no-trade can actually be traded. That doesn’t make or break the game for me – nor does the language barriers, so I happily created there.

Stargrace is the name of my wood elf, and I decided to start over in Crescent Reach rather than the original home cities. Why? No real reason. Crescent Reach is ancient these days and can hardly be considered new any more. It’s home to the dragon people, and it was bustling with 40+ people roaming around.

Unfortunately there were some login issues so I was unable to use the /claim command. I had hoped to get a few bags and maybe some defiant gear, but instead I’d have to make due with the /veteran command and move from there. That gave me enough rewards to get a pretty good start.

I was hoping to reach level 8 because that’s when I get my first warder.

It’s a tree.

I love it.

Just as I was about to log out for the night some kind stranger who spoke a language that I didn’t understand gave me and my warder a temperance buff for over three hours (major lowbie hp buff). That’ll certainly come in handy for my next leveling adventure.

I stuck to the spore caves in Crescent Reach, out of the way of the crowds and enough mobs for me to clear without too many issues. I also snagged both a healer mercenary and a melee dps mercenary. I started out by using the healing one because I was not able to tank too much before being squashed, but as I looted a few pieces of defiant gear I swapped over to the melee one so we could kill faster together. All the while I listened to the general ramblings over on … well, general chat. Things are EXPENSIVE on this server. Krono sell for 3+ million platinum each, and I regularly saw gear being sold for 20+ million.


Still, I had a blast playing for the small amount that I managed. I don’t know that I’ll play every night, but I’ll play for a while and we’ll see how far I get. At least this time I settled on a character (and a server) to play.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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