EverQuest Adventure – 2

Last night when I jumped into game I was greeted by Angelkakes who offered to help me out if there was anything I needed, and so I added my first FV friend to my list. I managed to visit the loyalty merchant and pick up a handful of plat with crowns (I think that’s what the currency is called, I might be wrong) so I didn’t need anything, but it’s always nice to have a few friends around.

I’m still looking for an active guild to join, not so much to participate in anything going on, but to watch guild chatter and have an active group of people to ‘hang but not hang’ with. I imagine that will take me a bit more time.

Continuing my adventure in Crescent Reach I made good use of the temperance (hp buff) spell that was placed on both me and my warder, hanging out in the bear caves it didn’t take too long to blast past level 10, and inch my way towards level 13. I haven’t checked to see what other spells I should pick up yet but that’s next on my list of things to do.

It turns out that I had a level 48 beastlord on FV previously, but I decided to delete that character because she was a Barbarian and I wasn’t very attached to her. The good thing is that she had some gear and bags that I got to transfer over, along with a bit of coin. It’s always good to make use of that sort of thing, bags are something I’m always lacking in EverQuest.

Tonight I plan on picking up the spells I need, checking if there are any skills I need to get (I don’t think so, not at this low level at least) and continuing my adventures in Crescent Reach. I think I can level to 15 there comfortably before heading off to Blightfire Moore. I may go some place else though, I haven’t decided yet. There are a ton of options and I’m certainly in no rush.

I was concerned that my subscription would be up soon and I wouldn’t be able to continue it, but it looks like I have 180 days or so left. I don’t own the latest expansion so I’m going to try to save up so I can pick it up. That probably won’t happen this month, but maybe July. I think you get a new tab for your mounts and I know that would be pretty helpful. Other than that, I know very little about Empire of Kunark. Still, it’s really nice to be back in game, playing for the (small) amount of time that I have. Feel free to say hello if you happen to also be playing on the FV server!

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