EverQuest Adventures – Into Blightfire Moors (3)

I wasted a lot of my game time trying to decide what to play. Since I’m only streaming Tuesday-Friday, that leaves me with 3 spare days where I’ll probably end up gaming, but who knows. Eventually I settled on EverQuest, once more on the FV server with my wood elf beastlord. I had logged out in the guild lobby so I stuck up a quick advertisement saying I was searching for a casual family friendly guild, and made my way over to Blightfire Moors, a zone off of Crescent Reach.

The snakes and rats right by the POK book conned yellow and red to me, so I brought out my trusty mercenary and started attacking.

I have a bit more gear now but kills are still pretty slow (which is absolutely normal for EverQuest). I popped my veteran reward “lesson of the devoted” which would give me a 30 minute experience buff and went to work.


One down.


Two down before what was left of my hour ticked by. My beastlord is now at a comfortable level 17. I’m not sure when I get duel wield but I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to working on AAs once I get to that level. It’s still a long way away but it’s a goal to work towards.

Once I reach level 20 I’ll be able to head to hotzones and get quests for those zones. There are daily ones, and the hotzones automatically change these days, rotating any time the server comes down for a fix. I am too low right now to see what those zones are, but I should be able to reach 20 without too much trouble. It certainly wasn’t a long game session, but two levels is nothing to sneeze at and hey it’s better than getting absolutely nothing done at all.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. kaozz says:

    Was nice to see you on the other day and catch up with you :) I grabbed a cleric merc for my little alt but my hubby had me replace it with a tank merc, those things are really awesome. They don’t need heals really and do some great DPS. The downside is, you might level faster than you want with one. It’s been so long since I used one I forgot how good they are. An idea though! Nice to read about someone else playing eq also!

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