DING! I’ve Joined a Guild!

First of all, I was watching an EverQuest stream today by a very popular streamer who had 7,000+ people watching him play. Even though I was a bit jealous, I was also SUPER happy that so many people were watching him play the game. He’s playing over on the latest progression server (of course) and was playing a necromancer (I believe he may re-roll something new, he was level 49) and it just warmed my heart to see that many people paying attention to the game. The streamer plays all sorts of games, so it’s not like EverQuest was his usual choice. While I may not have the viewership someone like him does, it still made me smile and I hope streamers continue to promote the game. Plus it certainly couldn’t hurt Daybreak to have that sort of publicity.

In my own news, my beastlord headed out to Blightfire Moors once more (har) to take on snakes and rats. Once they started conning dark blue I moved on to gators and turtles. While I was out adventuring I was buffed up numerous times by strangers – FV is an INCREDIBLY friendly server! I was astounded. Plus someone put thorns on me that last for over an hour. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

I started out the evening at level 18 and before I knew it (after using Lesson of the Devoted of course)I had dinged 25. Along the way I also joined a guild!

Emerald Alliances of FV responded to my cry in general channel looking for a casual family friendly guild. There were a good number of people online with 330 total members. Not overly chatty, but it’s still nice to have a home. Plus guilds come with perks like halls. Something I’m going to want to make use of, especially with portals to get around Norrath.

All in all it was a very productive night. Now I’ve REALLY got to pick up my last … 7 levels … of spells and see what skills I’m missing. After that it’s off to the Bazaar for a shopping trip. The guild offered to help gear me up but I would rather take care of that myself. I need a second weapon at the very least.

Don’t forget I’ll be streaming (it’ll probably be a RimWorld stream) Tuesday, 7-8pm PDT and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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