What happens on the Rim..

Last night I streamed RimWorld once again, continuing off from the cliffhanger of the night before. We were down to four colonists, being raided by five pirates with guns. We had two guns, and two knives.

Would we survive?

Turns out, we did. Barely.

Then things progressed, we expanded the base, created more gardens, supplied clothing to the nude – and another raid came along.

This time there were seven of them, all of them with guns.

Our colonists fought with all of their might, but two of them were kidnapped (girlvsmmo and carloverz28) and the two remaining colonists, Hampooj and Scopique, couldn’t fend off the attackers. The pirates decided to give up after kidnapping our colonists – but not before setting fire to our base, including the solar panels and the wind turbine. This created a continual burning fire within the base, and things got hot. REALLY hot. It was a whooping 180C inside the base at one point and that’s when Scopique succumbed to his injuries. Soon afterward Hampooj passed because there was no one to take care of him.

Bront, our pet Ori, survived the attack and wandered around the empty base feasting on corpses because all of our meals and the remaining supplies had burned up.

That’s life on the Rim for you.

If you’re interested in watching the series, you can find it over on both my YouTube channel and over on twitch.

Today (Thursday June 8th at the time of this post) I’ll be streaming some Black Desert Online, starting at 7pm PDT (until 8pm PDT) – so be sure to tune in! I’m working on the game schedule for next week, I’m thinking some Wurm Unlimited, combined with.. well, we’ll just have to see!

I’m also trying to raise some funds for a new computer chair, so if you happen to be feeling generous and want to support me please stop on by my donation page. As always, thank you, and happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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