Redemption Mud

The year was 2001, and I was completely enthralled with a mud called Redemption. I played a number of characters, became an imm briefly and made a ton of friends while I was there, a portion of whom I still keep in touch with. I had just moved out on my own a few years previous, and I owned my very first computer. Sure, our home always had a computer in it, but it was considered my Dad’s computer, so while we were allowed to use it, it was certainly not ‘ours’ in any way.

Redemption shut down back in 2013, and in 2009 I went and visited again briefly. It was revived late in 2014 (as far as I can tell) and is once again active. I couldn’t remember all of my character names but I did remember a few. Aimee. Taya. Miyu. I think I used to have a green dragon called Snuggle or Snuggles or something, too. I tried to log in as those characters but they’ve been deleted, either by myself or someone else I’m not sure.

I was able to log in as Stargrace, the character I created in 2009.

Things have changed, but not that much. The game still plays very much the same. There are even some of the same people there. I am not sure if any of them remembered who I was, but it was interesting talking to them none the less. It was also completely strange to be walking around in the text based game that I spent so much time in so many many years ago. Slowly commands and directions started coming back to me. Before I knew it, my level 1 dragon cleric (9k to level) was level 5. Though I am thinking about remaking, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t thinking clearly when I created the character. Maybe I’ll try to re-create one of the characters from my past. I can’t create Aimee as it tells me the name is illegal (I have no idea why, she was a simple non-clanner) but I can try some of the others.

So while E3 was going on today and everyone was ooh’ing and aaahh’ing over the latest 4k graphics and games coming out, I was playing a text based game with the biggest grin on my face. Sometimes, it really is the simple things.

I’ll be streaming Redemption on Thursday for my newest Throwback Thursday feature, starting on twitch at 7:30pm PDT. Please give the channel a follow so you don’t miss any of my other streams!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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