Wurm Chores – A way of Relaxing

For me, playing video games is a way of relaxing. I typically play whatever I’m in the mood to play, with little to no outside pressures. Sure, I keep a streaming schedule now, but the games I play during fluctuate, and if I’m not keen on playing what I have scheduled I’ll change it.

I decided to stream Wurm Unlimited in a very impromptu stream (you can check it out over on my Twitch page!) and it was a really relaxing time. I tended to my fields, took care of my bison, went and harvested my wheat – and noticed one of my hens had succumbed to old age. Chickens don’t live as long as other animals (for whatever reason) so they die at aged. Sad times. Since watching Paw Patrol (thanks to my kid, I swear) I have become obsessed with naming all of my hens Chickaletta. It was sad to have to bury the animal, but she had a good life.

Then I tended to my cows and my sheep, harvesting the fields. I showed off my winery, stuck more moonshine in the distillery and was going to go do some meditation when I had to cut my stream short. Such is the way of life. Still, it was relaxing, even the 20 minutes I got to spend in game. I love talking about a game that I’m so passionate about. It makes time go by much faster, and I like feeling confident in what I’m saying.

Things have been pretty quiet on Wurm, but I still log in often, even if it’s just to take care of the chores. I know I’ll be back full time before too long, as always my interests are just all over the place with my lack of availability.

I did put up the schedule for my streams this week, too. I’ve decided to start a Throwback Thursday feature, and the remaining days I’ll just play whatever I happen to plan. This week (because I know you’re all so interested) I’ll be playing:

  • Tuesday – RimWorld
  • Wednesday – Pinball FX 2
  • Thursday – Redemption Mud
  • Friday – Castle of Illusion

As well as any impromptu streams I manage to fit in there (maybe some EQ, or some EVE Online). Next week I’ll switch things up again and we’ll see about getting a visual novel in there for one of the days. I am trying to get qualified for affiliate on Twitch, so if you like my channel please do give it a follow and tune in during my streams – it really helps me out a ton.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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