Settling Down (A Bit)

I love gaming but recently realized that I haven’t really set down roots or settled in any one game for a VERY long time – and it was starting to get to me. It was making me a bit sad. So over the past few days I’ve thought about all of the MMOs that I love to play, and I decided to pick one that requires a subscription and stick with it for the next year. That doesn’t mean I won’t  play other games, I certainly will, but as far as subscriptions go I will not be lured by the next shiny (FFXIV expansions, I’m looking at you).

It wasn’t hard to decide what game I wanted to stick with. With my lack of time, sporadic hours, and inability to know how long I’d actually have to game, only one MMO really stood out. World of Warcraft.

I love the game, it’s cheerful, pet battles are fun, crafting (at least until Legion) is a hoot, and I don’t have to spend hours looking for a group or even a raid. In fact the only thing (for me) that has really been missing from the game is a community.

So I set out looking for one of those, too. I haven’t had areal guild in Warcraft for many years now. I tend to start my own, or join smaller ones created by friends. The Crimson Cross is one I had heard about on twitter (and in WildStar, actually). A casual family friendly guild that still did fun things and also raided. Now, I won’t be raiding any time soon, but eventually my hours will change and I’d like to think I’d have a chance.

The guild is friendly and active, it’s nice just to watch chat scroll by. They have a discord that I joined, and so far I’m settling in pretty well even though I feel like a teenager still in that regard. Even as an adult I feel awkward and shy.

Tonight I finished up my weekly and got my first ever legendary item (the one in the screenshot of this post). It was over 100 ilevels higher than my current gear. I was incredibly tickled. This single piece of gear also raised my personal ilevel high enough to unlock 4 new (to me) raids. If that’s not a good omen, I don’t know what is!

So yes, I will still be playing other games, but my MMO of choice for now and the foreseeable future, is going to be WoW so expect some posts about that, too. Speaking of other games I’ve got my stream schedule planned out for this upcoming week! Tuesday I’ll be continuing on with RimWorld, Wednesday will be a little Sims 4, Throwback Thursday is going to feature Bionic Commando, and Friday will be a visual novel of some sort (I haven’t decided on which title yet). So be sure to tune in between 7-7:30 PDT for my streams on twitch if you’re interested!

It feels good to be doing a bit of gaming again.

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  1. Rheyan says:

    We have quite similar gaming habits. I also decided to pick up an MMO again recently. I was looking for something old school (slow paced with simple tab-target gameplay), with a rich storyline and where I could just play solo. I decided on two actually – Lord of the Rings Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, though I have been playing Lotro almost exclusively recently. It’s fun :-)

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