Daily Quests, 600 Pets, and MORE!

When I found my new home in WoW I knew I’d probably want to bring over a level 110 character (and some money) instead of leveling from scratch. I’ve only got two 110 characters right now, a priest, and a hunter. My priest was also horde, so I faction changed and swapped servers. Was it worth it?

Well, I’ve only been on the server a few days now, but I’m enjoying myself. There’s no pressure, guild is active and friendly, and I’ve just been puttering about doing my own thing because chances are I have to randomly AFK. I don’t mind paying for server transfers and faction changes if I’m confident that the place I end up is going to be a good fit. I have made the mistake in the past of transferring only to have the guild disband but I don’t let that cloud future prospects.

Yesterday I managed to earn the achievement of owning 600+ unique pets. I did splurge a bit of coin on collecting the last few I needed, but I’m tickled that I got the achievement (which of course gave me a pet). I believe there are also pet battle scenarios now – no idea what is involved in that but I’m looking forward to trying them out! For now I’ve just been doing my daily / weekly quests. I’m holding off on turning them in until after the update tomorrow because I hear there’s better rewards being added. I haven’t done anything on the broken shore, and my artifact power is only 16/40 (I find this slow to level up) but playing casual is exactly what I wanted to do. Content should last me a REALLY long time.

Tomorrow? It’s back to fishing.


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