I’m Good With LFR, Thanks

I don’t like grouping with strangers very much – but there’s one very odd exception to that rule, and it’s in LFRaid in WoW. I have absolutely no problem doing any of the raids, and even have a few favourites. I try to get a handful done each week (I just don’t have time to do everything) especially when the extra incentive options roll around.

So why is it that I have no issue in a raid but I almost always absolutely refuse to be in a group? I suppose it’s because I feel a lot less pressure in a raid. You can still get called out, still get kicked out of the group, and still be commented on – but there’s also a lot more people around, and chances are unless you’re doing something that’s causing large scale wipes, you’ll be fine.

Tonight I ended up doing a few rounds of dailies along with a handful of raids. I didn’t get any gear upgrades but I did get an item for my holy weapon. I’m only at 859ilevel right now and there’s still raids that are blocked to me until I hit 860, plus I haven’t even completed the previous four (I’ve done some of them but not all of them). I’m working my way slowly through the broken shore quest chain and I still have my class hall chain to complete, too. Problem is trying to find the time for everything. I’ll get there. Eventually.

I suppose that’s one of the huge pluses of not having any time. There’s no way I’ll run out of content any time soon. I’m also contemplating leveling up a druid on the new server I play on, because why not. I love druids and I miss mine (and I don’t want to move her). We’ll see if I go anywhere with that. In the meantime I’m having an absolute blast on my priest.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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