Pet Battle Dungeons (and other fun)

Today was an odd mixture of accomplishments. I finished off a few raids I wanted to get done before things reset on Tuesday, obtaining a few upgrades (mostly artifact items for my weapons, and a wrist piece) and I got my dailies done. Then I attempted to clear out some quests from my journal, wandering around aimlessly in Broken Shore because I still have no idea what’s going on there.

I managed to unlock more traits on my DPS weapon which is pretty neat. I’m close to “finishing” the basic traits on my holy weapon, so that’s nice too. I’m not punished too much for spreading my artifact points all over the damn place.

Eventually the evening was dragging on and I decided I wanted to attempt one of the pet battle dungeons that were added not too long ago. Friends who know me are aware that I have a lovely little fascination with pet battles (and collecting pets) with 603 unique pets in my collection. Of course not all of them are level 25, or rare, but maybe one day. I haven’t done a lot of pet collecting in Legion (if any) so that number should go up before too long.

The pet dungeon I decided to try was Wailing Caverns, and it was awesome – but a few things frustrated me.

There’s an achievement for completing the dungeon, but you can’t get it on your first attempt through with the weekly. Instead you have to try to get it on your second attempt, the attempt that doesn’t let you heal any of your pets. Great achievement, but it should specify that some place.

Completing the weekly did give me a token to boost a pet to level 25, so that was nice, but I found the dungeon very long. Maybe it’s just because I wasn’t sure what pets to use and it required some trial and error, but it took a good amount of time to defeat the final boss. Of course that’s also a rewarding feeling, but I was hoping for something I could dart into and not worry about if I had to leave early.

Still, I love the idea, and hope they can make a few improvements with time and practice. I only had time for one run through and I don’t think I’ll have the pets required to make a run without heals, so for now I’ll be happy with that.

I also collected enough essences to boost my 940 legendary to 970, yay! Almost forgot to mention that.

So while I don’t have a lot of time to play, I AM making progress. Slowly. In my own time. It’s still a pretty nice feeling. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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