Bring on the Dragons

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve returned to Guild Wars 2 with their latest announcement of an expansion and some encouragement from friends (girlvsmmo, that’s you) and I’m pretty pleased about that choice. When I returned I decided to work on the story line of my level 80 guardian who I leveled up through crafting, so she was on a level 10 story. Now she’s on a level 60 story which is where things get interesting (or at least it would be, if I hadn’t already done these stories a few times before on a previous account).

You know the deal, Dragons, Zhaitan, etc.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m getting a lot more dye rewards than I used to, and that’s pretty nice since I’m rebuilding everything. I still don’t know exactly what I should be doing that’s current, but with an expansion in the upcoming months I doubt it matters too much. So I’m working on simple achievements, unlocking sections of the map, progressing my story line and all that good stuff.

I’m playing my Asura Guardian, and even though I’ve played quite a few classes to 80 she’s still my absolute favourite (which is why I remade the exact same class / race combo on the new account). I love swinging my giant 2h sword around, and Asura just make everything fun.

Anyone else return to the game in the hopes of playing the expansion when it releases? What are you doing to keep yourself busy between now and then? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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