Handy Guild Wars 2 Sites?

These days it seems like everything I want to learn about a game I’m playing is a youtube video or some other video that I have to watch – and as much as I enjoy watching videos sometimes, most of the time I’d rather just read an article or walk through. When it came to gearing up my Guardian, I had absolutely no idea what sites people still used, what is relevant, or where to go.

Have a site suggestion for me with current information? Please let me know in comments! For now I’m still using:

I’m also using the wiki a lot, but those are the only sites I have kicking around that still work. I was really sad to see the cartographer map site has moved on – is there a replacement for that somewhere? Let me know in comments please and as always, happy gaming, no  matter where you find yourself!


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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    I think you have the best of them there. I pretty much only use Dulfy and the wiki. Metabattle for builds occasionally.

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