HP Train – Choo Choo

I heard a lot of people talking about “HP trains” but I had no idea what they were or why I would want to participate. Turns out that means ‘hero point’ – and you very much do want to take part. There are some that run on the weekends but my time restrictions are all over the place, so when I’m in game and I see one starting up (typically mentioned in map chat) you can bet I’ll be there. Yesterday I was in the first HOT zone when one was starting up. I got 8/11 done – a huge chunk. It didn’t take too long, and because you’re with a massive amount of other players it is much less painful than if you were just wandering around all alone.

You can also join (I believe it’s unofficial) the GW2 Discord Channel, I found it linked from reddit. People advertise in there, and there’s all sorts of information and lore tidbits floating around. I am not usually interested in joining a bunch of strangers on Discord, I prefer to talk to those I know, but I’m glad I made an exception this time around.

Aside from HP trains and discord channels I’ve just been casually clearing maps. Stock piling crafting goods, and running a few instances of living world season 2 (and of course HOT story too). It’s relaxing, and that’s exactly what I have needed.

I know a big patch came out yesterday but honestly I haven’t even read the notes or made heads or tales of the thing, so I don’t know what was involved aside from WvWvW being allowed to use gliders and players rejoicing over that. I believe it was a balancing patch, so maybe condition was toned down a bit? No idea.

In any case, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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