Android Apps

Android OS gave birth to a lot of Applications. This is because developers jumped at the chance to create on the open source platform. Even though the OS is still very young, in comparison to other systems, it commands a huge chunk of the market. Since Android OS enabled the creation of mobile smart phones that could do so much at a cheaper price it became the most popular platform.

Apps for Android

The popularity of the Android OS presented a real opportunity to make money. By developing Apps for the platform anyone could make a large sum of money. With such a huge potential market it becomes very easy for companies to make money. If for example, one percent Android users pay for your app then you are in the money.

Even when there is no need to pay for the application the developers can still make money. Many online business are offering people a percentage of sales when they refer people to them. There are even real money gaming Apps that pay for referring people. Usually, these online casino are run by legitimate business people who understand that 100% of $10 is far less 10% of $10 but coming from a hundred people. That is why the top casinos offer affiliate fees for people who refer players. Because the casinos want to make money, when the referred person gets to the casino they are converted into real money players. Many premium casinos offer the players bonuses to play casino games, you can visit casinoaus casino games for more information about different types of casino games.

Brighter Future For Android App Users

Regardless of what the market holds for the developers of Android applications, it is bright for the users. There is fierce competition among developers. Everyone wants to make money and they can only do this by making the best applications. This means the Applications will only get better. Even the hugely successful applications like angry birds are getting updates. And Google is making it all better for everyone by ranking the Apps better so that the good Apps appear first.

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