Changes at MmoQuests

In the 11 years that I’ve been writing on this blog I would say about 99% of the posts have been about video games in some way shape or form. I love games, I love the friends I’ve made through gaming and games are large part of my life. That’s not going to change.

The thing is they’re not the only part of my life. I have two other blogs, one for knitting and one for book reviews. Neither site gets very much attention (lets face it, these days I rarely post here as it is) and having multiple blogs for all of my little hobbies is getting… annoying.

I don’t want to change the site name from MmoQuests because I’ve had it for so long now and it would just feel awkward – but I do want to change things up and include more posts that talk about whatever happens to be holding my attention. I’d also like to change up the look of the blog, but that will take some time because I’m pretty particular about what I want (and what I don’t want).

For those who enjoy only reading about the gaming – don’t fear. I’ll add a gaming category along with the individual game categories, and you can subscribe to an RSS of just that. I’ll also be adding a few new categories like knitting, cross stitch, and cooking. I understand that readers may go down because you’re pretty used to me writing about specific things here, but I really feel that my blog should be able to incorporate ALL of me, and not just the side that enjoys video games.

These changes should be seen as good things. It gives me a bigger incentive to write and not feel lost that I don’t have a video game to write about. It expands the audience (hopefully), and broadens topic searches. I’ll be keeping my book review site because I pay for that one, but my knitting site I’ll be taking down and merging into MmoQuests. I haven’t written there since August 2016 and I doubt it will be missed.

If you’re absolutely against me merging non game related topics into MmoQuests let me know, either in comments or by email, and be sure to include why you think it’s a bad idea. I can’t promise I’ll act on your advice, but I will listen to it.

2 Responses to Changes at MmoQuests

  1. Bhagpuss says:

    Having one blog with subject categories seems eminently sensible. MMOQuests is an odd title for a mixed-topic blog but then it’s not as though all you posted about was MMO quests anyway…

  2. Shai says:

    YAY! I think this is a great idea! I follow you here, on Okanagan Knits, and the blog you started for Leo, and have nothing against seeing your content merged together. (Possibly I am biased since I write whatever I want on Incyanity but that’s beside the point.) I don’t read all the gaming posts since some of what you play is outside my specific interests but it’s still nice to have the opportunity to get to know you better overall. I have been hoping for more knitting (or crochet!) posts from you too!

    If merging your blogs makes it easier on you and helps keep you motivated to post, I say do it. :) Ultimately I think you ought to write for yourself first anyway!

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