Fan sites are essential to video games. They draw communities together and they help to create hype for the games we all love and share. They provide players with a ‘space’ out there on the internet, something creative that doesn’t have to constantly be monitored by those who run the games.

I remember Feldon very well even though we’ve never met in person. I served with him a number of years on the SOE community council (is that still a thing?) back when it was SOE and not Daybreak. He has always been incredibly opinionated, and sometimes that didn’t go over too well – but he was always honest and true to himself and his site which I admired in a huge way.  I’ve used his site countless times over the years, both when I was a hardcore EQ2 player and just to keep up on things while I was away. He brought honest and informative news to EverQuest 2 players for many MANY years in what can only be considered a thankless job.

Well, not completely thankless. A tough job though, that’s for sure.

I’m incredibly sad to see him shutting his doors after so many years. I think it will be a hard niche to fill as well as he did and I think that Daybreak is worse off for his leaving especially with the demise of sites like ZAM. I do wish him all the best and I completely understand his branching off to pursue other hobbies, we all have them even though video games may encompass a large portion.

So thank you, anyone and everyone who has worked on EQ2Wire. Dellmon, Feldon, and anyone else behind the scenes. Your presence will be greatly missed.